Conwood DIRECT

Conwood Direct is a fully licensed, intra- and interstate trucking and warehousing operation available in the continental United States, With 35,000 square feet of sprinkled and heated warehouse space.
We are capable of storing and distributing all of your hardwood products throughout the country. Our services include: Storage and Handling.
Inventory Management, Container draying and devanning. Our delivery capabilities include Curtain Van, Flatbed and Containers up to 105,500 lbs GCW.
Centrally located in Vancouver, WA, are able to serve all of your warehousing and handling needs.
Our staff in the lumber industry assures all of your ordered products and items are handled with your best interests.
Regardless, how small to large they are, it would be our commitment to furnish the right goods to you. Contact the Vancouver office for more information.

Because Guam and Saipan is one of small Pacific islands, there are no manufacturing facilities for building materials, which means, people over there should Import almost everything, even including foods, and drinking water (very often) near-by countries, by containers or breakbulk ships.  Therefore, shipping methods would be one of main important factors of cost of building materials.  Surrounding Guam/Saipan,  almost one million people are living now on many islands, but Guam island has been the Center of Micronesian (many) islands.  Like “Hub-City” in airline industries, Guam is “Hub-Port” in shipping industries in Micronesian area.  Since Conwood carries 70-100 container loads of building materials year-around, a single small customer is able to buy one 20 or 40’ container load of materials with “Same retail prices or Less", as far as they are paying ocean from Guam to their island.  The single customer does not need buy a full container load of Nails, Wire Mesh, Plastic Pipes, or Rebar, but whatever he needs for his own projects, in case they will use Conwood's Direct & Express concepts. It should be the Cheapest & Fastest ways for customers and their projects.  The customer can deposit the amount of materials at Conwood's bank account in his/her island's bank.


With 3-5 million dollars ground inventory, loading docks can accomodate up to 10 trailers handled by attentive and efficient staffs.
With a “one container” load minimum, customers can customize their orders to any assortment and mixture of Conwood's material.
We gladly assemble our containers and ship to your island at the soonest opportunity possible.
Contact the Guam or Saipan office for more information


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